Wednesday, June 07, 2006

This picture represents open adoption; a loving and honorable alternative.

Today was one of those sidewalk counseling days when you just can't help shedding a few tears for the babies and mothers at the abortion center. Sometimes I wonder if a mother would have changed her mind on death for her baby if only I would have said more, or said less, or said something different. For example.....

Two young white women came to the sidewalk. They took the CPC information and listened to me only as far as it took them to get in the door. One of the women left. The other, Jenny, came out for a smoke. She told me she is pregnant and getting an abortion today. She has three other children. We talked for a long time.....two cigarettes worth. She said she cannot afford another child. I talked to her about adoption, and she said she could not give her baby away. I told her that since we both agree that she is carrying a baby, then as a mother, she must believe that giving her baby to a loving financially stable couple is the right choice over killing her baby. I also gave her information on where she could get free pregnancy care, and financial help for her other children. Then she said that her baby will go to heaven and be with God and she will see her baby one day. I told her that it is not God's will for her to have an abortion. God has a plan for her baby, and for her as the mother of four children. I had to say to her that what she is doing is so offensive to God, that her place in heaven is not assured. Besides, I asked her what she would say to her baby in heaven? Would she say, "Hi, I am your mother. You know, the mother that did not want you, did not love you, did not name you. Instead I killed you and your broken little body went into a jar that was tossed in a dumpster in an alley behind the abortion center." She said that it is God's fault that she is pregnant, and that it is His fault that there are abortion clinics. I said, "Come on Jenny, you are smarter than that and you don't really believe that this is God's fault." I reminded her of our free will to choose to love God or turn away from Him. I asked her to tell me why she REALLY thinks abortion centers exist. She shrugged. I told her they exist because mothers, like her, keep them in business. I asked her to change her mind, to do the right thing, go and get her money back. Do God's will, not her own will. Her chin quivered, she said her minister told her that it would be alright to abort. I challenged her that he NEVER said that. She admitted he did not. I told Jenny that she would never regret having her baby, but would forever regret an abortion. She agreed, put her head down, and tears fell from her big blue eyes, down her pale cheeks, and on to the sidewalk. She is very petite, and very pretty. I told her that she must love her three very cute children and would love this baby too. She took one last drag, then threw the cigarette butt so that it landed with all the other hundreds of butts in the weed bed by the door. She went back inside.

Other mothers came and went, and all of them at least took my information. A man came to pick up the white 24 hour notice folder. I asked him if he was planning to bring someone here for an abortion. He said yes as he walked to his car. I told him that she will get hurt here, and that he should protect her from a place like this. He drove off.

Connie, who lives in the neighborhood, came by to visit. She has diabetes, and is bipolar. She likes using my cell phone. She is lonely. I enjoy talking with her. She told me all about her health problems and about her sons. I love Connie. I thought she was unaware of what we were doing here, but then she told me that her doctor advised her to abort her sons because of all her health problems. She pointed to the abortion center door, and said, "that is so wrong!"

A mother and daughter came towards me. They were smiling and I greeted them. I asked if she is pregnant. She said yes, and she came to pick up her ultrasound. I asked if she is planning an abortion. She looked shocked, and said no. She said she is having financial difficulties, but she is very excited about having the baby. I told her about the Lennon Center, and her mother encouraged her to go there for pregnancy help. Her husband just left for Iraq. She suddenly realized that people stopped at the traffic light were looking at her. She asked me why people were staring at her. I told her that they think she is here for an abortion. She looked at her mother and said....O my gosh, let's get out of here!" I wish they would all say that.


Paradoxdb3 said...

I didn't really read your blog, but I saw the pictures. Abortion is so sad. I also read a little bit about you. When you say that you want to be on the path that leads to the Father, which Father are you talking about?

patty said...

I mean THE FATHER,,,,God, the Father, the Almighty.

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