Friday, April 28, 2006

This is a 4D ultrasound.

The priest at St. Martha's this morning talked about the Apostles' joy and thanksgiving to God after they were scourged and reprimanded by the Sanhedrin for teaching the Word, Acts 4. They suffered for Christ. The priest said we are rarely challenged that way today. I immediately thought about the sidewalk counselors at the abortion clinic. Well, there you have it, we should also be joyful and thankful to God when we are insulted, spit on, and among other things, threatened. The priest brought our attention to the Beatitude that says "Blest are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of slander against you because of me. Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is great in heaven" Mt 5:11-12. I need to concentrate on that because I occasionally return insults from the pro-aborts with my own "pointed" remarks. I will try to be more joyful (and quiet) when some passer-by tells me where to go or describes what he would like to do to me! I can do that.....with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, of course.

When I got to the clinic this morning, Alicia and Meg were there talking with the women gathered at the clinic door. They are the "Friday Ladies" Stan told me about. This is the first time I have come on a Friday. I am glad to finally meet them and join them to turn people away from this horrid place. They are aggressive, but nice. They worked hard on a woman who brought her friend to the clinic for what she said was her friend's tenth abortion. Hard to believe. The "friend" drove a car with a Rosary hanging from the mirror, and a holy card of the Sacred Heart on the dashboard. The ladies asked how she could be a Catholic, have Sacramentals, and be an accomplice to an abortion. She would not take responsibility as an escort nor bring her friend out of the clinic to talk with us. She has ears but will not hear. I met Jim and Jane who came to pray. Alicia and Meg continued to work, I backed them up, and we all prayed the Rosary, the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy on our knees, and other prayers.

Chris came just as I was leaving. Before I passed the clinic driveway, a young black girl came on to the sidewalk. I stopped her to talk. She was interested in the options I offered to her. She is only eighteen, she has a one year old baby girl, and does not think she can handle another baby. We talked for about ten minutes. Chris joined the conversation later. I asked her name, and she said Patricia. When I told her that was my name too, she looked surprised and started to cry. She said that must be the sign she asked God to send her when she drove in to the parking lot and saw me standing in front of the clinic. I told her that she knows what God wants her to do. She is very reluctant to abort; I think she will have her baby. I told her that she is very beautiful, and the son or daughter whom she carries will probably look just like her. Her eyes lit up and she smiled. That reaction truly revealed her youthfulness. This is a GIRL, not a woman. She told me that the father wants the baby. I asked her if he would ever forgive her for killing his child. She shook her head and winced. I told her that she will always be the mother of two children. I said that she will sadly remember this date if she has the abortion, she will calculate and sadly remember the birth date, and remember the baby she never knew on Mother's Day. I asked her if she thought her future would be haunted with the constant regret and memories of the abortion. She said she has a friend who had an abortion and every night she hears babies crying. I told her to listen to her friend.

We talked about her little baby girl, motherhood, and her church. She looked at Chris's gruesome aborted baby pictures. Then he showed her a picture he received yesterday of a newborn baby that survived because the mother changed her mind and left this very same clinic. Chris showed her that baby who has the love of his mother, a name, and a future. I told her that there are no mothers who regret having their baby, but all mothers sooner or later regret an abortion. I asked her not to make this ugly clinic's dumpster or sewer drain her baby's burial place. I told her that the doctor only wants her money, he does not care about her. Patricia took our literature and finally left the clinic. Chris and I said a prayer for her.

As I walked to my car it occurred to me that no one persecuted us today! Gosh, here I was all prepared to absorb the insults with joy and thanksgiving just like the Apostles. I thanked God for sparing us today, and asked Him to renew our strength to rejoice and be glad when inevitable future attacks occur, probably on Monday. It's no wonder some people think we are crazy....go ahead...insult me....make my day!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I went to St. Martha's for Mass and arrived late as always. I rushed inside, and discovered that there is no Mass on Tuesday. So I decided to pray in front of the statue of Mary located inside of the church. I knelt down and started praying the Memorare. Then I looked up at the statue. Yikes, Mary looked pissed! Who would make (or purchase) such a mean looking face on Mary? SCARY! I apologized to Mary and immediately got up and went to pray near the the veiled Presence of our Lord in the Tabernacle.

The good news is that the only cars in the abortion clinic parking lot this morning belong to the staff. It is cold and rainy. I parked my car, grabbed my really cheap umbrella, and headed for the front of the clinic. The parking lot stayed empty for quite some time. Since I was alone and freezing cold, I began to pray the Rosary without waiting for Kathy. During the first decade, a man driving a beat up old car pulled in to the bar parking lot. He got out and asked me if the clinic is open. I said yes, it opens at 9 AM. It's not as if I can leave the sidewalk and try to open the door. The cameras are on, and since I am now a known "activist" at this clinic, I have been warned not to step on their property or they will call the police. That seems so silly to me.

The man tried the door and it was unlocked. He went back in the car and and a woman got out and headed for the clinic. I talked to her and gave her information about a better place to get help. The man drove off. Just as she entered the clinic a Muslim woman came on to the sidewalk. She was covered from head to toe. I could just barely see her eyes through the slits in the cloth that covered her face. It is so unusual for a Muslim to come to an abortion clinic. She was alone. I asked her if she knew this is an abortion clinic and children are killed here. She would not speak. She shook her head yes, took my information and went inside. When she came out of the clinic she had the white abortion envelope in her hands. I said, "Are you coming back here for an abortion?" She looked at me and then rushed to her car. If she comes back, one of us will be here to try to turn her away from this wretched place.

No one else came to the clinic. I finished praying the Rosary while I struggled with my umbrella. It was so windy that it occasionally turned inside out. I am sure that looked quite comical. Stan's car must still be giving him trouble, and Kathy may have stayed away because of this horrible weather. She is recovering from an illness. With no one else coming for an abortion or services, I left the clinic. I saw Chris park his van. We spoke briefly, and he headed for the empty clinic. Maybe they will close early today. Maybe no one else will come. Maybe just like the Dr. Ahn's babies, his business will die.

Monday, April 24, 2006

I drove past the abortion clinic to park on the street and saw Stan's woody wagon with his big sign that hangs on it saying. "Pregnant? call 800-4-options." He was not around last week because his car has a radiator problem. I am glad he is here this morning, it is very intense to be alone at the clinic, and our prayers are much better with two or more!

The women and their companions came to the door in one big group. That made it more difficult to talk with them and give them the card with information on where to go for free health services with caring providers. Most took the information, but some were very hard hearted. There was one young white couple who really stuck out in the group of about ten people. The door was still locked, so I had a captive audience. I stressed that they have other options besides abortion, including adoption. Then I heard the click of the door lock, and they all rushed inside.

The young white male, Justin, came out for a smoke. I stepped closer to him, and he spoke first. He said he spoke to his girlfriend, Stacey, and they changed their mind on having the abortion. He said he does not believe it is the right thing to do. There is something about his demeanor that causes me to doubt that he is sincere. So, I asked him if he is lying to me. I told him that I have heard a lot of bullshit in front of this clinic from people trying to justify getting rid of their child because the timing is bad. He looked surprised and insisted they just now decided not to abort the baby. I asked him, "Then why are you still here, whatever could she be doing inside the clinic?" He said she is getting an ultrasound and then they are leaving. I showed him where he could get a free ultrasound, and could get information on adoption. He said that they want to keep the baby. I mentioned that giving the baby to loving, mature, married, and financially stable parents is very unselfish and noble. He looked at me with a blank stare. He said they are going to her father for help. Hmmm...those are big decisions made in a very short time inside of an abortion clinic! There is something about him ...I want to believe him....but I have my doubts.

Charles came by to talk with Stan about the Tigers. He hung around for awhile, and then got on his bus. Connie waved to us from the party store, she must be feeling better since she did not come by to chat. Stan and I prayed, and then Chris came to take over. He suggested to me that I quit my job to spend more time at the abortion clinic. I ignored that comment, but Stan told him to leave me alone because I am here enough. They are friends, but they can really go at each other.

Justin came out of the clinic when Chris started singing his Jesus songs at the door. This time Chris worked him over, in his way. Justin gave Chris the same story. I think it is the smirky look on his face that tells me that he just may be yanking our chain for his own personal amusement. I hope I am wrong. When Stan and I were walking away to our cars, I glanced back at the clinic and saw Justin and Stacey leaving. They walked to their car holding hands. She did not have the abortion. I asked Stan if he thinks Justin is telling the truth. He gave me the same answer he always gives me.....let it go; leave it in God' hands.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

THIS is tissue!

Chris told me that the mother we spoke to earlier in the week brought her young high school daughter back to the clinic for the abortion. She decided to eliminate what she called the "burden" that her child brought upon her. It does not occur to her that she is placing a different kind of burden upon her own child; one that could last for an eternity.

I am concerned about Stan. He is not here again today. I don't have his phone number, maybe Chris or Kathy will check on him. I miss his company and conversation. Without Stan, I have only the birds to keep me company for the forty-five minutes from when the clinic opens until Kathy and others arrive. An older couple walking down the sidewalk with a bag from the Palace Party Store asked me about Stan. For a short time they watched me interact with people coming to clinic. They offered to stay with me for awhile. I assured them I would be fine, and they walked on.

Every person going in to the clinic took my card referring them to a better place than this dirty abortion clinic. I have, on occasion, commented to people to take a good look at this place before entering. It is a free standing building with parking lots on each side, an alley in the back, and the front is right off the road with a nice little sidewalk for us. The rectangular-shaped building is about two thousand square feet. The planter boxes in front of the clinic are full of black lava rocks accented with millions of white cigarette butts. Trash is wedged in and under the one sand cherry shrub at the corner of the building next to the bar's parking lot. The only other shrub is a sorry looking small white spruce planted in a weird spot in a lava rock bed near the door. The dark tinted glass windows and door are streaked with dirt, and blobs of something unidentifiable are splattered on them. The other windows on the building are glass block. The white paint on the brick facing is peeling, and the green plastic awning is faded. Weeds are now growing in the lava rock and in the sidewalk and driveway cracks. I wonder about the cleanliness inside.

A Mexican couple with their little boy came towards the clinic. She told me she is pregnant. I talked to them about going elsewhere. I showed him where he could take his wife for pregnancy care. They listened, asked questions, got directions, and then they left. Then suddenly a pink taxi pulled in front of the clinic exactly behind me. I spun around and heard the man driving the taxi shout to the woman getting out of the passenger front door, "Don't listen to her, don't take anything from her." I told her I have information on better places she could go. I told her she has options, and she took the information and practically ran inside the clinic. He parked in the lot, but never got out of the car. I noticed a small girl in the back seat.

Kathy and Katie came to help. I was very glad to see them. Chris was there, but he leaves us alone during our time in front of the clinic. His approach is completely incompatible with ours. He is relentless with those aborted baby pictures, and he is very insistant that people take his literature. But, he is there all day, and he does have success turning mothers away from the clinic.

Kathy told me that a CPC called her to inform her that they are now taking care of a mother who came to them on Monday morning after talking with a lady in front of an abortion clinic ....that was me! That does soften the blows of all the nasty remarks we get from people driving by or walking past the clinic. Speaking of that, I am now in a bit of a stare-down with a young motorcyclist. Half way through our Rosary, a motorcyclist always stops behind us and revs his engine. The first time he did that we all jumped. Now it is his little game. So when he pulls behind us, I whirl around and stare at him while I continue to pray. He stares back at me through his helmet. We are only about four feet away from each other. The engine rev is no longer effective. I am praying for him (no, really, I am). I can see Kathy grinning when he moves on. Stan would not approve. He has warned me not to engage with people attacking us. He is right, I should not be distracted so easily from the reason we are stop the real attacks, the ones going on inside the clinic.

Monday, April 17, 2006

This picture is a 4D ultrasound of an unborn baby

I was late for Mass at St. Martha's this morning. Routinely, I go to the abortion clinic directly from the church which is only about a ten minute drive. As usual, I was in front of the abortion clinic door before 9 AM. Stan was not there; he must be working for the Sisters of Charity today. The abortionist pulled in to the parking lot earlier than normal. It will be a busy Monday. Even though I can't see him through his car's smoky glass window I stare right at the silver Lincoln Continental until he pulls in to his parking space in the back of the clinic.

Cars began to fill the lot and women and girls stepped on to the sidewalk to enter the clinic. Almost everyone I spoke to took a card with referrals to crisis pregnancy centers or other service oriented organizations. I also gave everyone a card showing development of a baby from an embryo to birth. They took the information, but today most were not very receptive to conversation.

It is another day of young girls coming to abort. The girls are always willing to talk. I smile at them, they smile back, and they stop and talk. Typical teenage girl behavior. But the girls shut down as soon as their mothers approach. Talking with the mother is a totally different conversation. It is a challenge for me to be understanding and charitable towards a mother who would bring her daughter to this horrid place in order to get rid of her grandchild while putting her own child's life in physical, mental, and spiritual peril.

Kathy was not able to come this morning, so I loudly recited our prayers, which among others include a Rosary, and the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy said kneeling. It is humbling to kneel on the sidewalk in front of such a busy street, and even more so without my fellow sidewalk counselors kneeling with me. After I finished the prayers, Chris took over.

He immediately entered into conversation with the mother of a high school girl that was planning to return in two days for the abortion. He seemed to be making progress until another mother came out of the clinic. This mother's child was already in the process of the abortion. Of course, she encouraged the other mother to go through with it telling her that it will give her "peace" (honest, that is the word she used) knowing she will not have to bear another financial burden. They were feeding off each other and talking about how difficult it is to take care of these babies whom their unmarried daughters continuously produce, in spite of using contraceptives. They agreed that it would be best if the age for a "tube tie" dropped under twenty-one. Since they are using abortion as a contraceptive, it would be cheaper to sterilize the teenage girl so that she could have unlimited sex, without the consequence of reproduction. Never mind about STD's! They assured Chris that God understands and approves of not bringing unwanted babies in to this world. Wow, where in the Bible did they find that? After all, she said the girl getting the abortion is going off to college this fall; who would take care of her baby at college? A baby does not fit into the college scene.

In the mean time Chris is holding his gruesome extremely large aborted baby pictures. I hesitated to interupt Chris, but I could not take another ridiculously absurd illogical comment! So I said, "Ladies, do you honestly think that God would want you to mutilate your grandchild, like in these pictures, so that your daughter can go away to a college or so that you can avoid a financial burden"? They looked at the pictures right in front of their faces and winced. I told them about the alternatives, including adoption. The resources for them are all there. They said they could never adopt out their own flesh and blood. The next question that begs to be asked is, "So you would kill your own flesh and blood rather than give him or her to a loving family"? They ignored that, and went right back to financial burden. What a circular conversation, going nowhere!

I remained silent and listened to Chris. I gave the little high school girl who was holding the white abortion envelope a sympathetic look. I asked her what she thinks. Her mother snapped that it doesn't matter what she thinks, she won't be the one bearing the burden. I wondered which burden she meant. The young girl and I locked eyes for several seconds, and then she shrugged at me and hid her sad little face in her mother's back. Just like the baby she carries, she isn't really there.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Today is Holy Thursday, and a very busy morning at the abortion clinic. I was there before 9 AM to try to convince women and girls to go elsewhere for "health" services. A high school girl came on to the sidewalk to go to the abortion clinic. She had a very somber look, and she was all alone. Her boyfriend never got out of the car to talk or wait with her. I asked her if she is pregnant and here for an abortion. She said yes. She listened to what I said, and she took the referral information card. She did not have an abortion that morning. She did not look to be a day older than sixteen. Two Mexican women arrived, and insisted they could not understand English. I doubt that, and kept on talking. They took the information.

Two young black men wearing extremely saggy jeans and doo-rags (SP?) brought a young girl to the clinic. I spoke to one of them when he came on to the sidewalk. He said he is bringing her here for an abortion. She hurried inside. I asked him if he would go inside and talk to her to change her mind so that she will do the right thing. He just looked at me and shrugged. I could tell that conversation with him would be fruitless. But Chris engaged in conversation with both men. I watched because I thought Chris was putting himself at risk showing them his humungous pictures of aborted babies. They clearly did not care.

Kathy came and we prayed as people drove by shouting various words of either insults or support. We pray loudly for about forty-five minutes. Our prayers include the Rosary as we stand, and then the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy as we kneel. Kneeling to pray in front of the clinic on a busy urban street is the most humbling thing I have ever done. Any pride or vanity I have in my heart at that time is completely eliminated! We pray for our country, our families, priests and clergy, public officials, abortionist and their staff, and for unborn babies and their mothers who do not want them. Today a women came out of the clinic and asked us to pray for peace in the world. Kathy told me that often people will come out to ask for prayers for special intentions. The clinic will be closed tomorrow for Good Friday. Can you imagine how hard it would be to witness such a catastrophic offense to God on the day of His Son's sorrowful Passion and Death on the cross?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Yesterday Stan drove the Sisters of Charity around on their errands, so I was solo until Kathy arrived later. This is the worst day I have experienced at the abortion clinic. The mothers that came for abortions and services were very hard hearted. The men and women who brought them to the clinic were even worse. Even the comments from the street were harsh. A young girl who came for an abortion came in and out of the clinic several times. She was either smoking or using her cell phone. She had the foulest mouth I have ever heard. I asked her how it could be that such ugliness could come out of a mouth on such a pretty face. She laughed, I guess that was a compliment to her. She decided against having the abortion and left.

I talked with a very quiet couple. He told me he brought her for an abortion. She was teary eyed. I told her that she is now a mother, and whatever she decides, she always will be. I gave him a card with information about health services for pregnant women, including adoption. I got the feeling that they were very uncomfortable with the other people waiting who were so incredibly crude and rude. They left before the abortionist arrived. I think they will contact a CPC on the card.

Kathy and Joe came. We prayed, and then as always, Chris took over when we left. I told Kathy that talking to most of the people at the clinic was like talking to a wall. Most were totally oblivious to the fact that they might be harming themselves and taking the life of an unborn baby. They did not care. How sad. The sidewalk talk was difficult, but our prayers were loud and clear.

Today was a better day at the abortion clinic, if that is possible. Unfortunately, it was very busy. Cars kept on rolling in to the parking lot. Some women listened and took information. One grandmother shook her cane at me and told me that she was going to kick my ass. I smiled at her not to be rude in return, but because I thought that was so ridiculous! She went inside, and then came out immediately to tell me that Mary is nothing, and that she is a Jehovah Witness. I said, "OK, think what you want about Mary, but this is not a place for a Christian." That really made her mad and she swore at me and called me crazy. Then a car drove by and a women stuck her head out the window and screamed, "GO HOME."

I approached a women who came around the corner on to the sidewalk. I asked her if she is pregnant, and she said yes. I talked to her about going to a CPC for health services. She told me that she is picking up the white envelope and considering an abortion. I told her where she could go for help with her pregnancy, material needs, and financial support. I said that they will stay with her to help her for at least five years. She told me that she is struggling with supporting herself and her four year old. She said if she could get that kind of help, she would have her baby. She is eleven weeks pregnant. I showed her a picture of what her baby looks like at eleven weeks. We both smiled looking at the picture. I offered my cell phone for her to use to call Laura at the CPC. She talked with Laura and I gave her directions. Then she gave me a big hug.....sure beats a kick in the ass! She introduced me to her friend driving the car and to her four year old, and left for the CPC.

Kathy came and we prayed. That really irritated the Jehova grandma and she came out and called us fools. Another car came by and a woman opened her door to shout at us. I winced expecting another insult. She yelled really loud and clear, "HEY....thank you very least some people care."

Monday, April 10, 2006

It is Holy Week. I went to Mass at St. Martha's this morning, and then headed to the abortion clinic. Stan was just pulling in a parking space in front of the condos when I got there. He came to my car to walk with me to the clinic. The cars started pulling in the abortion clinic lot as soon as we stood in front of the door. First came two women and a man. They were not interested in what we had to say. The man took my referral cards and threw them on the cement by the door. Most of the women and girls coming this morning were leaving with the white envelope which prepares them for an abortion. Most of them listened and took our information. If they choose abortion instead of life, we will know tomorrow.

Charles from the neighborhood came by to talk. He was in a good mood; he talked a little about his family. His sons went to St. Martin De Porres. He is retired from Ford. He chatted away as he waited for the bus. He always talks about some kind of problem with his legs. Connie waved to us from across the street near the Palace Party Store. She is in a good mood too. She does not need to use my cell phone today. That is a good sign!

Stan had to leave before the time we start our prayers, and Kathy did not come today. Chris was there and began showing his larger-than-life aborted baby pictures while talking to the women through the front windows and door of the clinic. I told him I will pray the usual prayers by myself today. He left me alone so that I could pray and continue to talk with the women and men coming and going from the clinic. Charles watched me pray and said a few good "AMENS" here and there. I was glad he contributed. Before I finished, he waved good bye and hopped on the bus.

Today was the first time I prayed alone, and I must say it is nicer to have others to pray with. It is difficult to concentrate on the prayers and at the same time on who is coming and going from the clinic. It is humbling to be without the support of others while praying out loud, and especially while kneeling on the sidewalk to say the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy.

Just as I was leaving I saw a girl coming towards the clinic. I remember her from last week. I know she had an abortion and is coming back for a check up. I stopped her and told her that I remember how sad she was while waiting for her abortion. She turned her eyes away from me, she is still very sad. I offered her post-abortive counseling information and she took it. She walked into the clinic, and I walked away to my car. Chris began talking through the door again. I heard him say, "you are a mother now, and even if you abort your baby you will still be a mother. Be a mother to a live baby, not a dead baby". I shuddered.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Chris told me that business at this abortion clinic is down. He said they have gone from about 25-30 abortions per week to about 15-20 per week. This information came from the clinic staff. This week has been very slow. Praise be to God. Yesterday I think the abortionist killed 2-3 babies, compared with the usual 5-6. Generally the mothers having abortions come just before 9 AM, and wear sweat pants. They look sad; often they are crying.

I approached a couple who were walking towards the clinic. She hurried inside before I could talk with her. I spoke to her companion, who is her brother. I asked him why he would bring his sister here where only harm can come to her and her baby. He said that she is an adult and old enough to make her own decision. He started walking away but I stepped in front of him. This is a no-no legally, and Stan will remind me of that. I could not let him go with such an uncaring remark about his own sibling. I asked him if he would protect his sister if her life was in danger. He knew where this was going and remained silent as I stood in front of him still blocking him from the parking lot. He was a huge guy, so he could have easily moved me aside and walked away, but he did not. I told him that his sister's physical, mental, and spiritual life is in danger, and his little nephew or niece will die. He is an accomplice. I showed him where he could take her for help from caring people. He took the information. I asked him to BE A LOVING BROTHER to her right now and get her out of there. I stepped aside, and he went in his car and sat.

Stan and I prayed in front of the abortion clinic door. Like Kathy, I prayed so that everyone inside could hear. Stan continued the prayers when I stopped to talk with the few people who came and went. I urged them to go elsewhere for health services so as not to support this abortion clinic. They were receptive. When we finished, Chris relieved us. I told him about the brother and sister. Half-way to my car, I saw the brother go in to the clinic. His sister could not have had the abortion yet because the "doctor" just pulled in. Chris talked with the brother. I told Stan that it is hard not knowing what will happen: Will he take her out of there, will she change her mind, or will she abort her baby? He looked at me with those intense blue eyes and said, "Leave it in God's hands."

I don't know which is more heart-breaking: The women who come alone, or the frightened teenage girls brought there by much older boyfriends, brothers, or fathers? Some girls come with their angry mother. Whatever the scenario, it is never happy, it is never good, and there is never a day that goes by at the clinic without tears on the sidewalk.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I saw a young black couple park in the Palace party store parking lot. I didn't know whether they planned to go to the store, or to the abortion clinic across the street. As I walked down the sidewalk towards them on my way to the clinic, I approached them just as they got out of their car. I asked them if they were going to the abortion clinic. He said yes, and that they had already received alternative information and they made their decision. I walked to the clinic with them and asked them to reconsider. I told them that this abortion will not solve their problem, it will only make things worse. I said they will always remember this day, and the guilt will be a great burden. They will know what they did to their own child. They did not respond. As they entered the clinic I told them to please change their hearts and minds and come back out to talk.

It is another cold and gloomy morning in front of the abortion clinic. How appropriate. Stan is there ahead of me. He talked with a woman and a girl, possibly a mother and daughter. The woman told Stan to mind his own business. He told her that it is his business to warn her that this is not a Christian place, and that she should leave. They went inside. Hopefully they will come out before it is too late. I saw a young woman coming our way down the sidewalk from the other side of the clinic near a bar. I walked towards her so that I could have more time to talk with her. She is pregnant. She is considering abortion. She went inside and walked out with the white envelope which is the twenty-four hour notice and preparation information. We talked some more. She started to cry. At least she is taking this seriously.

Kathy came to lead us in pray. She does this very well, and has a great big voice that combines with ours to penetrate the windows, doors, and walls of the clinic so that everyone can hear us. We are cold, but our prayers are warm and sincere. We finished our prayers, and Chris came to the front door of the clinic where we stand and kneel. He said he thinks our prayers are very powerful. He said he can hear us from quite a ways down the street. Chris takes over talking to the women through the closed door pleading with them not to take the life of their unborn baby. The good news of the morning is that the clinic is very slow today. We hope our efforts contribute to turning people away from this clinic which causes brutal deaths by mutilation and the painful destruction of many souls.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I was at the clinic by myself waiting to talk with the women arriving for their abortions. But today they are not women, they are girls. All of them just teenagers. They were accompanied by what appeared to be their mother. They all listened to me and took the referral cards for help elsewhere. Sadly, they all went inside. After awhile, I saw a white woman and black man walking towards the abortion clinic, they were a little ways away. I walked towards them so that I could talk with them as far away from the clinic as possible. She said she was having a prgnancy test. I talked to them about going to the CPC for the test. I told them they could get help at the CPC if she is pregnant. They did not seem agitated or distressed. He said he would look at the information I gave him, and he seemed sincere.

Charles, a man from the neighborhood, came by to wait for the bus. We talked about how cold it is today. He was nervous that he might have missed his bus. The bus stop is next to the driveway of the abortion clinic parking lot. I was standing partially in the driveway when the big silver Lincoln Continental whipped in to the parking lot. It came so close to me that the car brushed against my coat. Startled, I stared right at the driver as Charles pulled me back. Now I know what the abortionist looks like. He stared right back at me. Charles said since the abortionist has no problem with murdering innocent babies, he probably would have no problem murdering me for trying to ruin his business. Charles was serious about that. He told me to be careful.

Kathy, Richard, and Joe came to pray. We prayed so that everyone inside the clinic could hear us. A woman and teenage girl came out. She could not have had an abortion yet, and she did not have the white envelope they receive to prepare for the abortion. I talked with the woman, she did not say much, and she looked very unhappy.

Just as we finished praying, the black man and white woman came out to the sidewalk. They looked upset. I asked her if she is pregnant. She said yes, and then started to cry. She was holding the white envelope. He put his head down. I walked next to him and reminded him to call the CPC for help, and gave him another card with the address and phone number. I pointed to the white envelope and reiterated that the abortion clinic will not solve any problems, it only makes everything worse. I pleaded with him to call the CPC.

Chris came with his giant signs picturing aborted babies. He started talking to the mothers through the filthy smoked glass windows at the clinic. They can see us through the glass, but we cannot see inside the clinic. We gathered up our kneeling pads, prayer cards, and holy water and started walking to our cars to go our separate ways. Tomorrow we will know what the woman decides to put into the trash: The white envelope, or her innocent unborn baby.

Monday, April 03, 2006

On my way to the clinic today I missed an exit which delayed me by about ten minutes. Now I will not arrive before the doors open. Instead of feeling frustrated about that, I told myself that God must have a reason for causing this delay. I was hoping Stan would be at the clinic early to talk with the mothers going in for their abortion. Thank God, he was there early. The parking lot was full. It is a busy Monday for the abortionist and his staff. Stan filled me in on who went inside for an abortion. He said he spoke to every person, and they all took the referral cards. This is helpful because during the wait, the mothers and their escorts will come out for various reasons such as to smoke, get some air, or go to their car. The "waiting line", or "death row" as I call it, is a line of closely spaced chairs in a very small hall area. It looks very uncomfortable, and the wait can be very long because the abortions are done on a first come, first serve basis.

First to come out of the clinic was a fifty-some year old woman. She was crying. I asked her if she is sad about someone inside having an abortion. She said her daughter is inside aborting her gandchild. I told her how sorry I am to hear that. I asked her why her daughter would do such a terrible thing. She said her daughter already has too many kids she can't care for. She said she even offered to take the new born baby herself. I asked the grandmother to bring her out to the sidewalk so I could talk with her. She ignored my request. I asked her if she would go back in and try again to change her daughter's mind before it is too late. I showed her on the card where she could go for help for the unborn baby and for the other children too. I asked her not to give up, and to bring her out to talk with us. She went back inside, but did not come back out.

A very young man came out of the clinic wearing "ghetto" clothes. You know, really saggy pants and a huge red basketball jersey worn over a long sleeve white shirt. He was driven by an older man, who could have been his father, or the father of the very young teenage girl he brought to the clinic. Stan spoke to him, and he listened and took the card. Stan is very good because he is an older man and I think the young men he speaks to have respect for him. He is very kind and soft spoken. He has a rugged looking face with very intense deep blue eyes that you can't help but stare into. The young man and the father took off in a jeep, while the young girl waited alone.

Kathy came to help us at about 9:30AM. She had on her usual warm smile, and we got ready to pray. She said a storm is coming our way, and she first prayed that it would hold off until we finished our litany of prayers. Half way through our prayers, a woman came out of the clinic doors and almost ran down the sidewalk to avoid us. I followed her and caught up to her by the bar next to the abortion clinic. She whirled around to face me. She said, "You can't help me. No one can help me." I smiled at her and said "Yes, it must seem like that, but I promise that I can help you if you give me just a minute to talk with you." She agreed. She is so desparate. I talked to her about a crisis pregnancy center that will help her. She listened, and seemed interested. We talked for awhile, and then she left.

Towards the end of our prayers, we kneel and pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. Before we finished, I jumped up to talk with the young teenage girl that was just coming out of the clinic. She could not have had her abortion yet. I approached her and the poor girl was weeping and sobbing so hard that her little body was shaking. I felt like hugging her, but of course, I did not touch her. She stopped and looked at me. Tears were spilling down her face and her nose was running and she cried out loud. I saw Kathy out of the corner of my eyes shake her head and close her eyes to pray more fervently. I told the girl that she will be alright. I showed her who to call for help. She stopped to listen and took the card, but she could not stop crying. I spoke to her gently. and touched her hand. I told her that if she does the right thing, she will feel better, and everything will be OK. The jeep pulled up, she got in, and they drove away. I went back near Stan and Kathy. I could not join in on the prayers, I could not say anything because I was struggling not to add my own tears to the sidewalk. The rain held off, and Chris took our place with his huge pictures of aborted babies. As we left, I heard him singing his song to the mothers inside that goes, "Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world...."