Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Last week was a bad week for the abortionist. He had few customers during the week, and no one on Friday or Saturday. Or else, he went on vacation Friday and Saturday. But this week is another story.

It is so rare that a father would bring his daughter for an abortion. Usually, the father is dragging his daughter away from the grips of the abortionist. But sadly, this week a mother and father brought their young daughter for an abortion. I was at the door when they arrived. The mother ran inside the center. The daughter stopped and listened and took my information. She was a very small teenager. Somewhere between thirteen nd fifteen. She wore jeans and a pink jacket with a furry fringe around the hood and sleeves. The brand of her jacket was splashed across her back with sparkly writing. She had little girl braids, and a little girl face...wearing a look of sheer terror. She went inside as her father approached me.

I asked him if his little daughter was pregnant. He said yes. He confirmed to me that she is having an abortion. I asked him why he wants to end the life of his grandson or grandaughter. He said there is no baby yet. I told him that the baby is there, complete DNA, completely human, completely his grandson or grandaughter. He will not take on the expense of a grandchild. I told him that he will severely hurt his daughter by this abortion, and it will be forever. She will know what happened to her child forever. He said she should have thought about that before she laid down and opened her legs. He said he is doing this for himself and he does not care about her.

All I could say is, "Some day, you will care." I don't often tear up on the sidewalk, but his hard heartedness choked me up. After about an hour, she came out with her mother and father. It was too soon for her to have an abortion. I approached the father. He put up his fist to me and told me that he would hit me if I came closer. I backed away, but I had no trouble hearing their conversation as they walked to their car. The father was yelling and screaming at the mnohter and his daughter. It is hard to know the whole story, but it appeared that the little girl was too frightened to have the abortion, and the abortionist refused to do it. I hope that is true.

Kathy has been working to evangelize the abortionsit and the staff for years. I joined her in that effort. We talk with them lovingly and kindly in order to establish a relationship with them. They do not think we are crazy people who want to hurt them. Currently, two out of the three women who work for the abortionist, hand out our CPC information from the inside. Unfortunately, the group that comes when we are not there, does not do the same. We had to tell the staff that we are not a part of their group. We can't work with them.

I am leaving on a two week trip with my mother to Turkey and Greece. It is a religious pilgrimage called In the Footsteps of St Paul. I am looking forward to seeing the countries and spending some time in prayer and contemplation with the Lord. I'll pray for Kathy and the group while I am away. I will also pray for the the little girl in the pink jacket, and for her baby. Some people on the sidewalk are impossible to forget, and she is one of them.

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Prayers. Keep it up.