Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The cars started pulling in to the abortion clinic parking lot at 8:50 AM. I recognized the first woman to approach the clinic. I spoke to her the other day. I greeted her, and we talked while she waited for the clinic to open for business. I told her I had hoped and prayed she would not come back for the abortion. She said she is having a bad time with this pregnancy, and between work and her three year old child it is just too much. She was very soft spoken. I referred her to a place that would help her financially, medically, and with adoption. I offered to go there with her. We talked for about ten minutes. She had big soft brown eyes and she seemed very gentle. I asked her if she believed that having an abortion is wrong. She said she would rather not do it, but feels she can't handle going through with the pregnancy. I asked her about the baby she carries. No response. I told her that she seemed to have a good heart, knows what is right and wrong, and asked her to do the right thing and please leave the clinic now. She said no, I am going through with it. I asked her if the clinic offered her RU486. She said they do not use it at this clinic, and she is nine weeks pregnant. She said she would not take that drug because women die from it. I added that babies die too, and their burial place is a toilet! No response. Well, I guess my soft spoken good hearted mother IS concerned about life, her own. The door unlocked, and she went inside. I feel badly for her, and I am disheartened that after all that conversation, she still went inside. I told her I would be out here praying that she will change her mind before it is too late. Two others came and I talked with them and they listened and accepted the reference and developmant cards.

I was alone until 9:30 AM, and then saw Kathy walking down the sidewalk towards me. She had been sick for over a week and I was happy to see her. Joe, an older man came to pray with us. We pray loudly so that everyone inside can hear us. At 9:45 AM, same time every day, the big silver Lincoln pulls in to the parking lot. The windows have a smoky glass, but I stare inside anyway at the abortionist and his wife arriving for the slaughter. They enter through the back door, of course. The rear entrance of the clinic backs up to an alley. Maybe tomorrow I will go into the alley and talk with the abortionist. I assume he will ignore me, but I think it is worth a try. I wonder how many babies it cost to buy a Lincoln Continental.

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