Monday, March 27, 2006

I arrived in front of the abortion clinic at 8:55 AM after Mass at St Martha's. Cars filled the parking lot. Stan was there with the sign he wears on his back that says, "Pregnant? Call 800-no-abort." As the 9 o'clock hour closed in, the car doors began to open and the pregnant women and their escorts crossed the parking lot and stepped on to the sidewalk. First was a black man and a white woman. They looked to be in their mid to late twenties. I talked to them. He was very amused about the situation, but she hung her head low and would not speak. He acted like this was a big joke. Next came a black couple who would not give eye contact. Then a very reluctant young white couple approached the clinic door. They looked to be in their very late teens or early twenties. She clung to him. I spoke to him, but he looked away each time. I continued to speak. Her hair hid her face as she cried on his chest. He put his arms around her. They looked completely out of place here. Two black women came next. I spoke to them also and the escort told me to, "just shut up." I asked her what bothers her so much about what I am saying. She continued to blast me with rude comments. This really upset the young white couple, and I was glad that these unkind words bothered them. I told the black women I would pray for them and the baby. She told me that she could pray for herself. I said, "good, please pray yourself and everyone else right out of here." She did not like that! They were all grouped together waiting for someone to unlock the door, just like at Farmer Jacks! The clinic staff opened the door, and they all piled in. I gave my last comment that before the abortion happens, they can always change their mind and come out for help. That was countered by one more rude comment.

I felt that I was not saying the right words today. I don't know why. Thank God, the white couple did come out and leave before her abortion. Maybe the rude comments to me and the cavalier attitude of the black man turned them away. I don't know. I approached them again, but they would not stop and talk. I asked them to please talk with me, they refused. While I walked with them to the parking lot I told them that they do not belong in a terrible place like this. I told him to protect her, and if he cares for her, he will not let her abort their baby. He nodded. But, that is all I could say before they got in their car and left.

Another woman came on to the sidewalk. She told me she is planning to have an abortion. She listened to me, took the information, but still went inside. When she opened the door, I looked inside. I saw all the women whom I spoke to sitting on folding type chairs arranged in a long line. I think you could call that death row. Some of the men would leave them there, run an errand, have a smoke, and come back later. The white woman came out twice to speak with her boyfriend who was waiting in the car. The first time I saw him give her the money. I spoke to her each time, but she would not respond. He was quite happy about the whole thing, but she was absolutely miserable. Richard came at 9:30 AM and we prayed the Rosary, Chaplet and other prayers. I will re-think my sidewalk talk today and pray that I will be more successful tomorrow, God willing.

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