Monday, March 20, 2006

Usually I go to Mass to receive the Eucharist and to ask the Holy Spirit to give me the words I need to be most effective at the clinic. Kathy is usually there and I do the talking while she and Stan pray. I love her upbeat personality and kind disposition, even in the midst of all this misery! She is Christ to whomever she meets on the sidewalk. She brings a kit with holy water, a laminated sheet of our prayers, business size literature and fetal development cards, and kneeler pads for saying the Chaplet. I am talking more openly now with the clinic "victims" with each visit. I always smile at them and usually say my name. It is hard to know success and failure, but the prayers and Kathy's affirmations are inspirational.

On Monday March 13, the clinic was very busy. Kathy was not there, so Stan and I worked the sidewalk. A women came out of the clinic with her friends. I asked her if she was scheduled for an abortion today. She said yes, and that she feels she has no choice because she is divorcing, and she already has two children. Her voice was quivering, and her face was streaked with tears. We talked about how she is already a good mother, and could love and care for this child too, even without her husband. Eventually, I gave her the resource card, and the card picturing fetal development. I also suggested adoption. I felt very sad for her, and had to concentrate on keeping my own composure.

Thursday March 16 was another busy morning at the clinc. Every person stopped to talk and take the resource card. I felt strongly that I was turning people away from the clinic. Then a young college student with pretty blonde hair and a pink WMU sweatshirt came around the corner. I approached her and she immediately said, "I am getting a pregnancy test and I don't want you to pray for me, I am an educated person." I smiled at her and said, "OK, but as an educated person you don't belong in this horrid clinic". She went inside, and came back out almost immediately. I asked her how it went. She walked up to me and asked for directions to the crisis pregnancy center. She said, "This really sucks". I thought about my college age children and their cousins. I remember my own college days and my heart went out to her. I went back near Stan, I looked down, and my own tears fell on the sidewalk. I pictured her panic stricken look all day. I could not talk for awhile.

Today, March 20, is the first day of Spring. Only Stan and I worked the sidewalk this busy morning. Chris came, but he respectfully moved away when we began our prayers. People coming to the clinic were not very receptive to our cards or conversation. A car load of people drove by honking and screaming at us, "F#ck you.' Stan watched to make sure they do not come back to taunt us, or worse, while I continued our Rosary. Our backs are to the street. A young girl, only fourteen left the clinic with her mother. I always talk with the parent, never the child. The mother glared at me and told me off. She rebuked her little daughter. Chris knew the mother took her for an abortion. Chris wants to find out if it is statutory rape, and filmed the mother talking about the situation. He has a lot of guts! He will get her liscense plate number and check to see if the abortion clinic files a rape notification.

Two black high school age girls entered the clinic quickly. One came out and told me that her friend is having an abortion today. I asked her to go and get her friend out of there so I can talk with her. This girl is stoned. Her friend came out and was also high. I asked them what they were so high on. They both laughed. I told them to go home, do whatever they need to do to come down, and never come to this place again. Stan and I finished the Chaplet, and Chris took over with his gruesome signs and literature. He is intense, this place is intense.

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