Monday, April 24, 2006

I drove past the abortion clinic to park on the street and saw Stan's woody wagon with his big sign that hangs on it saying. "Pregnant? call 800-4-options." He was not around last week because his car has a radiator problem. I am glad he is here this morning, it is very intense to be alone at the clinic, and our prayers are much better with two or more!

The women and their companions came to the door in one big group. That made it more difficult to talk with them and give them the card with information on where to go for free health services with caring providers. Most took the information, but some were very hard hearted. There was one young white couple who really stuck out in the group of about ten people. The door was still locked, so I had a captive audience. I stressed that they have other options besides abortion, including adoption. Then I heard the click of the door lock, and they all rushed inside.

The young white male, Justin, came out for a smoke. I stepped closer to him, and he spoke first. He said he spoke to his girlfriend, Stacey, and they changed their mind on having the abortion. He said he does not believe it is the right thing to do. There is something about his demeanor that causes me to doubt that he is sincere. So, I asked him if he is lying to me. I told him that I have heard a lot of bullshit in front of this clinic from people trying to justify getting rid of their child because the timing is bad. He looked surprised and insisted they just now decided not to abort the baby. I asked him, "Then why are you still here, whatever could she be doing inside the clinic?" He said she is getting an ultrasound and then they are leaving. I showed him where he could get a free ultrasound, and could get information on adoption. He said that they want to keep the baby. I mentioned that giving the baby to loving, mature, married, and financially stable parents is very unselfish and noble. He looked at me with a blank stare. He said they are going to her father for help. Hmmm...those are big decisions made in a very short time inside of an abortion clinic! There is something about him ...I want to believe him....but I have my doubts.

Charles came by to talk with Stan about the Tigers. He hung around for awhile, and then got on his bus. Connie waved to us from the party store, she must be feeling better since she did not come by to chat. Stan and I prayed, and then Chris came to take over. He suggested to me that I quit my job to spend more time at the abortion clinic. I ignored that comment, but Stan told him to leave me alone because I am here enough. They are friends, but they can really go at each other.

Justin came out of the clinic when Chris started singing his Jesus songs at the door. This time Chris worked him over, in his way. Justin gave Chris the same story. I think it is the smirky look on his face that tells me that he just may be yanking our chain for his own personal amusement. I hope I am wrong. When Stan and I were walking away to our cars, I glanced back at the clinic and saw Justin and Stacey leaving. They walked to their car holding hands. She did not have the abortion. I asked Stan if he thinks Justin is telling the truth. He gave me the same answer he always gives me.....let it go; leave it in God' hands.

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Nick said...

"I asked Stan if he thinks Justin is telling the truth. He gave me the same answer he always gives me.....let it go; leave it in God' hands."

You have a knack for finishing your posts dramatically. I like it.

It seems to me that it's good if you can recognize a lie and thereby know when you can make gains by being persistent.
In the end, though, it always is in God's hands.

After all, even Jesus never once asked the Jews to spare him - rather, "My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; yet not as I will, but as you will."