Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I went to St. Martha's for Mass and arrived late as always. I rushed inside, and discovered that there is no Mass on Tuesday. So I decided to pray in front of the statue of Mary located inside of the church. I knelt down and started praying the Memorare. Then I looked up at the statue. Yikes, Mary looked pissed! Who would make (or purchase) such a mean looking face on Mary? SCARY! I apologized to Mary and immediately got up and went to pray near the the veiled Presence of our Lord in the Tabernacle.

The good news is that the only cars in the abortion clinic parking lot this morning belong to the staff. It is cold and rainy. I parked my car, grabbed my really cheap umbrella, and headed for the front of the clinic. The parking lot stayed empty for quite some time. Since I was alone and freezing cold, I began to pray the Rosary without waiting for Kathy. During the first decade, a man driving a beat up old car pulled in to the bar parking lot. He got out and asked me if the clinic is open. I said yes, it opens at 9 AM. It's not as if I can leave the sidewalk and try to open the door. The cameras are on, and since I am now a known "activist" at this clinic, I have been warned not to step on their property or they will call the police. That seems so silly to me.

The man tried the door and it was unlocked. He went back in the car and and a woman got out and headed for the clinic. I talked to her and gave her information about a better place to get help. The man drove off. Just as she entered the clinic a Muslim woman came on to the sidewalk. She was covered from head to toe. I could just barely see her eyes through the slits in the cloth that covered her face. It is so unusual for a Muslim to come to an abortion clinic. She was alone. I asked her if she knew this is an abortion clinic and children are killed here. She would not speak. She shook her head yes, took my information and went inside. When she came out of the clinic she had the white abortion envelope in her hands. I said, "Are you coming back here for an abortion?" She looked at me and then rushed to her car. If she comes back, one of us will be here to try to turn her away from this wretched place.

No one else came to the clinic. I finished praying the Rosary while I struggled with my umbrella. It was so windy that it occasionally turned inside out. I am sure that looked quite comical. Stan's car must still be giving him trouble, and Kathy may have stayed away because of this horrible weather. She is recovering from an illness. With no one else coming for an abortion or services, I left the clinic. I saw Chris park his van. We spoke briefly, and he headed for the empty clinic. Maybe they will close early today. Maybe no one else will come. Maybe just like the Dr. Ahn's babies, his business will die.


Catholic Fire said...

It sounds like you have pretty good access to the clients who come for abortions. Is that true? Are you able to get close to talk with them without yelling? Are you able to hand them literature? I ask this because the abortion mills where I have prayed and attempted to do sidewalk counseling have very poor access to clients. They drive quickly through a gate to the back of the mill, where they park their cars.

I wonder if that lady who appeared to be Muslim wasn't a Muslim at all but was simply trying to hide her identity?

Have you been trained? Do you belong to any special group?

What type of abortion mill is it -- late-term? Do go there alone often? I would think this might be dangerous, not having a witness on hand. In my training as a sidewalk counselor we were told never to go to an abortion mill by ourselves to an abortion mill as they can concoct any kind of story against you and it's their word against yours.

Is there a pregnancy crisis center close by that you can direct them to where they can get an ultrasound?

I will pray for you and your work.

God bless you,

Catholic Fire said...

I read some of your previous posts and found some of the answers to my questions.

Very interesting diary!

God bless,

SUZANNE said...

Wow, this is pretty compelling stuff. It really opens one's eyes to what goes on during sidewalk counselling. I wish you could post more often, it's interesting to read. I'll put a plug for you.