Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I was at the clinic by myself waiting to talk with the women arriving for their abortions. But today they are not women, they are girls. All of them just teenagers. They were accompanied by what appeared to be their mother. They all listened to me and took the referral cards for help elsewhere. Sadly, they all went inside. After awhile, I saw a white woman and black man walking towards the abortion clinic, they were a little ways away. I walked towards them so that I could talk with them as far away from the clinic as possible. She said she was having a prgnancy test. I talked to them about going to the CPC for the test. I told them they could get help at the CPC if she is pregnant. They did not seem agitated or distressed. He said he would look at the information I gave him, and he seemed sincere.

Charles, a man from the neighborhood, came by to wait for the bus. We talked about how cold it is today. He was nervous that he might have missed his bus. The bus stop is next to the driveway of the abortion clinic parking lot. I was standing partially in the driveway when the big silver Lincoln Continental whipped in to the parking lot. It came so close to me that the car brushed against my coat. Startled, I stared right at the driver as Charles pulled me back. Now I know what the abortionist looks like. He stared right back at me. Charles said since the abortionist has no problem with murdering innocent babies, he probably would have no problem murdering me for trying to ruin his business. Charles was serious about that. He told me to be careful.

Kathy, Richard, and Joe came to pray. We prayed so that everyone inside the clinic could hear us. A woman and teenage girl came out. She could not have had an abortion yet, and she did not have the white envelope they receive to prepare for the abortion. I talked with the woman, she did not say much, and she looked very unhappy.

Just as we finished praying, the black man and white woman came out to the sidewalk. They looked upset. I asked her if she is pregnant. She said yes, and then started to cry. She was holding the white envelope. He put his head down. I walked next to him and reminded him to call the CPC for help, and gave him another card with the address and phone number. I pointed to the white envelope and reiterated that the abortion clinic will not solve any problems, it only makes everything worse. I pleaded with him to call the CPC.

Chris came with his giant signs picturing aborted babies. He started talking to the mothers through the filthy smoked glass windows at the clinic. They can see us through the glass, but we cannot see inside the clinic. We gathered up our kneeling pads, prayer cards, and holy water and started walking to our cars to go our separate ways. Tomorrow we will know what the woman decides to put into the trash: The white envelope, or her innocent unborn baby.

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