Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I saw a young black couple park in the Palace party store parking lot. I didn't know whether they planned to go to the store, or to the abortion clinic across the street. As I walked down the sidewalk towards them on my way to the clinic, I approached them just as they got out of their car. I asked them if they were going to the abortion clinic. He said yes, and that they had already received alternative information and they made their decision. I walked to the clinic with them and asked them to reconsider. I told them that this abortion will not solve their problem, it will only make things worse. I said they will always remember this day, and the guilt will be a great burden. They will know what they did to their own child. They did not respond. As they entered the clinic I told them to please change their hearts and minds and come back out to talk.

It is another cold and gloomy morning in front of the abortion clinic. How appropriate. Stan is there ahead of me. He talked with a woman and a girl, possibly a mother and daughter. The woman told Stan to mind his own business. He told her that it is his business to warn her that this is not a Christian place, and that she should leave. They went inside. Hopefully they will come out before it is too late. I saw a young woman coming our way down the sidewalk from the other side of the clinic near a bar. I walked towards her so that I could have more time to talk with her. She is pregnant. She is considering abortion. She went inside and walked out with the white envelope which is the twenty-four hour notice and preparation information. We talked some more. She started to cry. At least she is taking this seriously.

Kathy came to lead us in pray. She does this very well, and has a great big voice that combines with ours to penetrate the windows, doors, and walls of the clinic so that everyone can hear us. We are cold, but our prayers are warm and sincere. We finished our prayers, and Chris came to the front door of the clinic where we stand and kneel. He said he thinks our prayers are very powerful. He said he can hear us from quite a ways down the street. Chris takes over talking to the women through the closed door pleading with them not to take the life of their unborn baby. The good news of the morning is that the clinic is very slow today. We hope our efforts contribute to turning people away from this clinic which causes brutal deaths by mutilation and the painful destruction of many souls.

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