Thursday, April 13, 2006

Today is Holy Thursday, and a very busy morning at the abortion clinic. I was there before 9 AM to try to convince women and girls to go elsewhere for "health" services. A high school girl came on to the sidewalk to go to the abortion clinic. She had a very somber look, and she was all alone. Her boyfriend never got out of the car to talk or wait with her. I asked her if she is pregnant and here for an abortion. She said yes. She listened to what I said, and she took the referral information card. She did not have an abortion that morning. She did not look to be a day older than sixteen. Two Mexican women arrived, and insisted they could not understand English. I doubt that, and kept on talking. They took the information.

Two young black men wearing extremely saggy jeans and doo-rags (SP?) brought a young girl to the clinic. I spoke to one of them when he came on to the sidewalk. He said he is bringing her here for an abortion. She hurried inside. I asked him if he would go inside and talk to her to change her mind so that she will do the right thing. He just looked at me and shrugged. I could tell that conversation with him would be fruitless. But Chris engaged in conversation with both men. I watched because I thought Chris was putting himself at risk showing them his humungous pictures of aborted babies. They clearly did not care.

Kathy came and we prayed as people drove by shouting various words of either insults or support. We pray loudly for about forty-five minutes. Our prayers include the Rosary as we stand, and then the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy as we kneel. Kneeling to pray in front of the clinic on a busy urban street is the most humbling thing I have ever done. Any pride or vanity I have in my heart at that time is completely eliminated! We pray for our country, our families, priests and clergy, public officials, abortionist and their staff, and for unborn babies and their mothers who do not want them. Today a women came out of the clinic and asked us to pray for peace in the world. Kathy told me that often people will come out to ask for prayers for special intentions. The clinic will be closed tomorrow for Good Friday. Can you imagine how hard it would be to witness such a catastrophic offense to God on the day of His Son's sorrowful Passion and Death on the cross?


Fredi said...

Dear Patty,

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God bless, Fredi

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