Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Yesterday Stan drove the Sisters of Charity around on their errands, so I was solo until Kathy arrived later. This is the worst day I have experienced at the abortion clinic. The mothers that came for abortions and services were very hard hearted. The men and women who brought them to the clinic were even worse. Even the comments from the street were harsh. A young girl who came for an abortion came in and out of the clinic several times. She was either smoking or using her cell phone. She had the foulest mouth I have ever heard. I asked her how it could be that such ugliness could come out of a mouth on such a pretty face. She laughed, I guess that was a compliment to her. She decided against having the abortion and left.

I talked with a very quiet couple. He told me he brought her for an abortion. She was teary eyed. I told her that she is now a mother, and whatever she decides, she always will be. I gave him a card with information about health services for pregnant women, including adoption. I got the feeling that they were very uncomfortable with the other people waiting who were so incredibly crude and rude. They left before the abortionist arrived. I think they will contact a CPC on the card.

Kathy and Joe came. We prayed, and then as always, Chris took over when we left. I told Kathy that talking to most of the people at the clinic was like talking to a wall. Most were totally oblivious to the fact that they might be harming themselves and taking the life of an unborn baby. They did not care. How sad. The sidewalk talk was difficult, but our prayers were loud and clear.

Today was a better day at the abortion clinic, if that is possible. Unfortunately, it was very busy. Cars kept on rolling in to the parking lot. Some women listened and took information. One grandmother shook her cane at me and told me that she was going to kick my ass. I smiled at her not to be rude in return, but because I thought that was so ridiculous! She went inside, and then came out immediately to tell me that Mary is nothing, and that she is a Jehovah Witness. I said, "OK, think what you want about Mary, but this is not a place for a Christian." That really made her mad and she swore at me and called me crazy. Then a car drove by and a women stuck her head out the window and screamed, "GO HOME."

I approached a women who came around the corner on to the sidewalk. I asked her if she is pregnant, and she said yes. I talked to her about going to a CPC for health services. She told me that she is picking up the white envelope and considering an abortion. I told her where she could go for help with her pregnancy, material needs, and financial support. I said that they will stay with her to help her for at least five years. She told me that she is struggling with supporting herself and her four year old. She said if she could get that kind of help, she would have her baby. She is eleven weeks pregnant. I showed her a picture of what her baby looks like at eleven weeks. We both smiled looking at the picture. I offered my cell phone for her to use to call Laura at the CPC. She talked with Laura and I gave her directions. Then she gave me a big hug.....sure beats a kick in the ass! She introduced me to her friend driving the car and to her four year old, and left for the CPC.

Kathy came and we prayed. That really irritated the Jehova grandma and she came out and called us fools. Another car came by and a woman opened her door to shout at us. I winced expecting another insult. She yelled really loud and clear, "HEY....thank you very least some people care."

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