Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kathy is do not have to travel far to witness miracles. She has seen many miracles here at the Schaefer abortion center in the past ten years. I have been coming here for only six months, and I am in awe of the miracles that happen right before my eyes!

Kathy and Joe were at the abortion center praying. I could not come that day because of car trouble. Kathy called me to tell me that a woman, Cherie, four to five months pregnant with twins and the mother of a two and six year old, came to the abortion center. She came because she had seen us outside the abortion center talking with people. She came to ask for help. She was living in her car. As Kathy was helping her find shelter, another pregnant woman came looking for help! She spoke to Joe. They both went to the Lennon Center.

The next morning I was able to go to the abortion center. As Kathy and I started praying, Kathy noticed Cherie's car on the side street. She went to talk with her. Apparently the shelter was full, and she spent another night with her kids in her car. Kathy, Chris, and I called different social agencies for shelter. Finally COTS agreed to take her and her children. I was appalled at how hard it was to find help for her; the beaurocracy was ridiculous. We all threw in some money so that she could buy gas and food. I noticed that the only food they were eating was pop corn and oreo cookies. Cherie looked haggard, and her feet were swollen.

Lately, I have had numerous conversations with men outside the abortion center door. I asked a black man who approached if his wife or girlfriend was having an abortion. He looked quite angry, and said yes, his girlfriend is in there. I asked him why he won't take care of this mother and his child. He said that he wants the baby but she refuses to "keep" it. He went into a rant. He pointed to a motorcyclist stopped at the light in front of the center. He said if I kill that guy on the bike right now, the cops will come, throw me in prison, and it will be all over the News. He pointed to the abortion center. He said all these women are in there killing people right here and now. But they are not arrested, hauled off to prison, and there is no News articles about them! He was shouting. He said that the father should have a say. I agreed with him. I also said that I would allow someone I care about deeply to have an abortion over my dead body. He looked away.

A very handsome young black man came walking by the abortion center. He asked me what I was doing. After I told him, his eyes narrowed, his forehead furrowed, and he marched right up to the abortion clinic door. He opened the door and shouted inside, "Hey you women get on out of there! You are killing our race. You are killing our next generation!" He stood by me for awhile and passed out information cards. The women stopped right in their tracks when he approached them.

Two teenage guys came walking to the abortion center door as we were praying the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy on our knees. I popped up and asked them if they are going inside. One of them, Derrick, said he saw Chris's gigantic aborted baby pictures and was shocked at the truth. He wanted to go inside and pass out literature to turn the women away. He got cold feet, but he took the literature with him and promised to pass it out to girls he knows.

On my way to the car, an older man and baby were on the sidewalk near the condos. I asked him if he knew someone at the abortion center. His face fell. He said, "What did you call that doctor's office?" I told him that is no doctor office, it is an abortion clinic. He told me that his daughter and son-in-law are there. I told him I am sorry they are aborting his grandchild. He looked horribly sad and heart broken.

I think we are all a little tired this week. Even Chris seemed tired. Stan has not come for three weeks and I miss him. Richard is taking care of his mother and can't come. Jane is on vacation for three weeks. Debbie is coming more regularly. Carl the homeless man came by and was in great spirits in spite of the heat. Connie from the neighborhood came by one day, and she was really proud of her new outfit and new shoes. She looked very cute. Charles was not doing well. His leg was hurting him and he needs a doctor. He promised me that he would call his son to take him.

I will be at the abortion center tomorrow morning. Maybe I will experience a miracle; if God wills it, it will be. I have learned more in these six months at the abortion center about life and death than I ever could have imagined. I am a different person now....and that is a miracle!


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