Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Monday was a very bad day for the abortionist....only two abortions, and one woman coming for contraceptives. That is only $900 in revenue for the day. Unfortunately, he has another abortion center several miles away. His business has been down here on Schaefer, but I really don't know if it because of our presence, or if it is typical of the summer months. I am not sure.

Today a Muslim girl and her mother came to the sidewalk. This is very unusual, even though the neighborhood is predominately Muslim. I asked the girl if she is here for an abortion. She said yes. She looked so young I asked her age. She is only 17. She told me she is just a baby. I reponded to her that she is not a baby! I told her that she is a mother, and a real baby is growing inside of her. I tried to talk with her mother, but she answered me in Arabic. I told them both that I am sure they know that this is a great offense to God, a total abomination! The girl said, "yes, I know". I spoke to her, but she went inside and did not come back out. I was praying that a Muslim man would walk by so I could ask him to go in there and get her out. That was not God's plan today.

A young black girl stopped by the driveway to talk. She took my information, and seemed interested in the CPC. She did not have an abortion, and she had my information in her hand when she left. As soon as she got in her car, two older white women appeared walking very quickly to the door. At first they would not talk or take information. But finally, one of them told me she had an abortion and does not regret it, and she is bringing her friend to have one. Her head was held high. I told her that she knows what a traumatic event the abortion is, and if she cares, she will help her make the right decision to leave this place before it is too late. She said her friend has too many problems to have another child. I told her friend that this will only add to her problems, and it will be forever. This mother never said a word. They went inside and came out occasionally to smoke. I tried again to no avail. Then Chris went to talk with them, but they would not listen to him either.

Carl came to the sidewalk to visit. I have been praying for him because he wears so many clothes including a leather jacket and a wool hat. I am concerned he will get heat stroke in this 100 degree weather. I told him that, and he laughed. He said his hair will turn brown without a hat. I asked him "what is wrong with brown hair?" He looked at my hair and laughed. I offered to get him some bottled water, but as usual he turned me down. He not only wears a lot of clothes, he carries around four huge bags of his belongings. Charles came by to wait for the bus. Lately he has been slurring his words. I don't smell alcohol, I think he is taking pain killers for his leg problems. He surprised me when he took out the rosary I gave him weeks ago, and prayed with us. He asked us to pray for his children. Kathy with her dog Sadie, Joe, and Richard came to pray too. We had a nice group of witnesses of Christ love today!

I prayed alone today, and I asked God to send more people to help us. I don't think He calls everyone to go to an abortion center to speak to those whom are coming and going. But I am sure He calls all His people, if they are able, to come and pray.

I would say the street comments today were about half "fuck you's" and half "keep up the good work's." I guess they cancel each other out! I was sad today. I mourn for those babies that are alive right in front of me at the abortion clinic door. I picture what they would look like by the features of their mother's face. I even name them before they die. I give them names that would be for a boy or girl like Sammy, Robin, Morgan, Erin, or Carey. I recognize each life by saying the name I chose, and then I say to myself, "I love you, God loves you, and I am so sorry your mother does not."

I mentioned this sadness to Kathy. She reminded to me to remember to "wear the armor" every day for protection against allowing this tragedy to knock me down so low that I can no longer continue the battle. It is a special armor that protects against the abuses of the external world, and against the attacks of the internal spiritual world. It is the armor of St. Michael the Archangel. We pray, "St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray. And do thou art Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the divine power of God, cast into hell Satan and all evil spirits who prowl the world seeking the ruin of souls."


SUZANNE said...

Your blog is riveting. I was so glad to see you had something new. You should get on some blogrolls and go to blogrolling.com so that bloggers can add your blog to their rolls more easily. I have promoted your blog.

I really like how you get into the nitty-gritty. Those of us who don't do this sidewalk counselling stuff, we don't know what goes on. You bring the heart of the abortion debate to the fore with your stories. Please keep counselling and keep blogging! Maybe someday you could write a book with your blog posts. I'm telling you, this is really interesting stuff.

John said...

Ditto Suzanne's comments. I came across your blog via a post on JivinJ.

I have just added your blog to our blogroll at:


You may also be interested in our sidewalk counseling video, "No Greater Joy", which can be viewed online here:


Anonymous said...

This entry brought me to tears.

I am adding you to my site.