Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What a fruitful day! Women coming to the abortion center today stopped to talk, and took our information referring them to a CPC. They were genuinely interested. That was great, but what made it a fruitful day is what happened just before we were about to leave....just after Kathy, Joe and I prayed.

As we stood up after saying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, an employe came out and asked us to give her a stack of our information (which is on a business size card) to distribute inside the abortion center. God is good! Kathy has always said that we are there for everyone, including the abortionist and his staff. Our way is loving and caring, our model is Jesus Christ.

My son, Nick came to the abortion center with me last week. He had information cards to pass out, but Connie came to visit and occupied most of his time. One of her cats died, and she was very depressed about that. He was very kind and patient with her. I think God sent Nick there for Connie. I hope he will come with me again because I think he would be very good at turning people away from the wretched place....charitably.

A man came out of the abortion center that originally entered with his girlfriend. She was having an abortion, and he was obviously against it. When he came out, I approached him. I asked him why he won't be a father to his baby. He turned to me and said, "I don't want this, I have no choice." He told me that people inside the abortion center could see and hear us pray. He said that when we dropped to our knees to pray, people inside started to insult us and mock us. He told me that he said to the people in the waiting room, "...those people on the outside are doing the right thing, all of us in here are wrong. I want nothing to do with this sin." Then he said he walked out, and now is leaving because he wants no part of it.

I still mourn for the babies, and pray for God's mercy for everyone who took part in ending these lives. I thank God for allowing us to see the fruits of our labor in others who are turning to Christ and away from this evil.

The city has accused Chris of disturbing the peace. He cannot come to the abortion center with his huge gruesome pictures of aborted babies until after his case. He is very upset, and concerned about the babies and women. Even though I don't agree with his way, he was effective with some people. We must not be divided! Hopefully, he will be back soon. God has a plan for Chris.

The fruits of our labor. Whatever happens on the sidewalk is God's work. We are just His instruments. I have to remember that. He sends me there, and He decides to show us the fruits, or not. Often times, my challenge is to accept what He gives me to do, even if I don't want it! And then, I am challenged to do His work with humility. I think St. Paul defines that as true service.

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SUZANNE said...

Wow the testimony of the guy denouncing the people in the abortion clinic was powerful.