Friday, August 25, 2006

Jim had a very nice fundraiser for the Lennon Center (a CPC) at his house. A few of us sidewalk counselors attended. The director, Laura, told Kathy and me that our efforts are a big success based on the number of women coming to her after talking with us at the abortion center. What great and up-lifting news! Just after hearing that, I suddenly got busy with work, and then went on vacation. I thought about Kathy being there, and at 9:30, I prayed with her from wherever I was at that time. I will never comprehend how hurting women and killing children (called reproductive "health" services) is legal, acceptable, and to most libs....desirable.

How can I make that statement? Most libs are Dems, and Dems vote for Dems, and the Dems they vote for support reproductive health services, ie. abortion legislation. They love abortion so much that they want it for our little teens. They can now jump up on the table at a filthy abortion center while a so-called doctor invasively rips out their little unborn baby. Then they ask, "where did my baby go?" The little teen comes with fears, and leaves in tears. If you think I am exaggerating....come and join me at the abortion center and see for yourself! Yep, the Dems love we have Plan B...abortion in a bottle. This is a good time to read, or re-read Humanae Vitae!

Let's see, yes women's reproductive health services. Every time we go to the abortion center we see it in action. For example, yesterday, I spoke to a strawberry blond haired woman who looked to be in her thirties. Her name is Laura. She was very upset. She does not want an abortion, and she knows it is wrong and will haunt her. I tried to convince her to talk on the phone with Laura from the Lennon Center. I talked to her again when she went to stand by her car. She was whispering to me, and pointed inside her car. Her husband and teenage daughter were inside sleeping. When I asked her why she was ending the life of her child, she started to cry. We moved away from the car. He is forcing her. We talked about how she is an adult woman and he cannot make her do that. I tried again to have her talk with Laura. I told her I could help her. She walked away towards the abortion center door. I told her we would all be here outside praying for her. She stopped, turned around, touched my arm, thanked me, and went inside to have the abortion.

I decided that if her husband gets his butt out of that car, I would speak with him. Eventually he did....not to console her....but to have a smoke! So I told him that Laura is very upset and does not want this. I asked him to help her and his child. He reeled around to face me, and told me to shut up, and leave him alone. Isn't this great reproductive health? Women being abused, and teenagers being abused. So HEY....where are the feminist to protect the women? Oh, that's right, they are Dems voting for Dems, who LOVE abortion.

Every time we are there, people suffer and babies die. When it is in your face on the sidewalk, a moron could see that abortion is unhealthy, dangerous, and mentally and spiritually devastating. There are so many other options that are healthy and good for women and babies. But as long as those in power continue to de-humanize a person for money, it won't go away. Power and money. It won't be called homicide, it will be called women's reproductive health services. What a pathetic lie. You say you don't like abortion but can't force your beliefs on others.....tell that to God when He asks you what you did to to protect His innocent ones. The baby in his mother's womb is created as a gift from God to the whole world; He is the Author of Life. We can't see the unborn baby, but we know he is there, he is the essence of innocense, completely human, just like Jesus Christ His Son.


SUZANNE said...

I'd thought you'd forsaken ME, Patty. I LOVE your blog. I look forward to the next installment. It's SOOOOO good. Please keep blogging your anecdotes about sidewalk counseling, they are great contributions to the fetal rights movement.

Children Deserve Birth said...

When God asks us:

"Why did you kill my babies?"

How will you answer Him?

"It was the woman's right to choose."
"It was the law."
"It wasn't my problem."
"It wasn't my responsibility."
"It wasn't a real baby."
"It was going to ruin her life."
"It wouldn't have been a person until it was born."
"It was a mistake."
"It was inconvenient."
"It was best for the family."
"It wasn't the right time."
"It was politically correct."
"It wasn't my business, it was hers."
"It wasn't a baby, it was a blob."
"She couldn't take care of it."
"She had no one to help her."
"She was in school."
"She's was too young."
"She's was too old."
"The father ran away."
"The fetus wasn't perfect."
"The father refused to pay for it."
"The family didn't want it."
"The mother's life was in danger"
"There was no money."
"There was no other choice."
"I didn't kill your babies, they did."
"I wouldn't have done it, but ..."
"I'm only one person, what could I have done?"

Or will you be among those who can answer:

"I tried my very best to stop it."

Children Deserve Birth