Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I just finished a great book called Unborn Jesus Our Hope by George Peate. It is an amazing reflection on the missionary work of Jesus while He lived in Mary's womb. This unique book sites many scholarly and scriptural references. Unborn Jesus is the champion of all unborn children. We pray to the Divine Child and to the Divine God-man, so why not pray to Unborn Jesus? If you are interested, you can read sections from the book at unbornwordalliance.com. The site is listed as one of my links. This book was very inspirational to me personally, and as a prolife activist. Who better to give the dignity of personhood to the unborn baby than Unborn Jesus?


SUZANNE said...

We really should have a theology of the unborn Jesus. The Church must affirm the equality and personhood of the unborn Christ. We should tell the faithful that CHRIST THE FETUS WAS LORD AND IS LORD OF THE UNIVERSE.

patty said...

AMEN to that Suzanne!