Saturday, December 02, 2006

I arrived on the sidewalk in front of the abortion clinic at 8:45 AM. Stan was there in his bright yellow rain coat wearing his sign that say Pregnant? Call 800 No Abort. It was pouring rain! I also had on a rain coat and used my pitiful little burgundy umbrella to try and stay somewhat dry. It is more difficult to persuade people to stop and talk in a terrential downpour! It was a gloomy morning, especially for the women coming for abortions.

Everyone took my CPC information, but they were not receptive to talking in the rain. Most people arrive by 9:15 AM. But at about 9:30 AM, a couple pulled in to the parking lot. They got out of their van and immediately started screaming and swearing at each other. He continued to yell as he went ahead of her. She tearfully followed him inside the clinic. Obviously, this was not the time to approach them. It appeared that he was pressuring her against her will to have an abortion, but I have learned to assume nothing!

After a few minutes, she came out with tears streaming down her face. I walked next to her and offered to help her or call someone for her. She said no, but she stopped and faced me. I asked her to take my card for help and put it in her pocket so that he does not see it. She took the card, and quickly shoved it in her pocket just as he came out to yell at her some more. She does not want the abortion, he does. They left...but then...unfortunately came back. It appeared that he hit her when she was in the van, but I could not see that for certain. When he came back to the abortion center door, I asked him if I could speak with him. He whirled around to look at me, and in no uncertain words made it quite clear that I should not talk to him again.

I tried to talk to her again, but she was visibly shaken and crying. I asked again if I could call someone for her. I told her that I will pray intensely for her and her baby. Chris came on the scene, and I told him what was happening. I warned Chris that the man is very volatile, and that he should be careful. As usual, Chris is fearless. He shouted to the man, "Sir, don't kill your baby."

Stan and I prayed our various prayers, Rosary, and Chaplet of the Divine Mercy in the down pour. A young girl left the abortion center with the tell-tale white 24 hour notice folder. I started to talk with her, gave her my information, and she stopped because she clearly wanted help. I told her she would never regret having the baby, but would regret an abortion forever.

Kathy came by to tell me that a mother and daughter came to the abortion center looking for me while I was on my trip. She described them, and I remember talking with them about two months ago. They wanted to tell me that they did not go through with the abortion, and now they are very excited to soon hold this little boy or girl in their arms. What a huge ray of sunshine that news brought!

Chris emailed to tell me that the couple came out at 2 PM, and she did have the abortion. She cried to Chris that now it is too late, and she screamed "He killed my baby." Sadly, we have seen this before.

We see this (and other sad situations which hurt women and children) all the time at the abortion center. No one ever comes there because they want to, and no one ever leaves healthy. They leave knowing they are the mother of a dead baby. They are wounded in body, mind, and spirit. This is happening in your neighborhood. It is the greatest tragedy and terror to women and children of our time. If you doubt this, then you have never been on the sidewalk to see what abortion really looks like.

The rain pouring down and wetting the abortion center sidewalk is like millions of tears coming down from Heaven to mourn the deaths of the innocent babies. And when it doesn't rain tears from Heaven, it rains tears from the women and men who regret ending the life of their very own son or daughter.


Anonymous said...

What total bullshit - not even vaguely compelling fiction

patty said...

Anonymous, if you are interested, you might want to read other blogs and web sites which describe what happens at an abortion center. I believe you will find the experiences of other sidewalk ministers to be consistent with the factual accounts I write about. You seem bitter, I will pray for you.

Christina said...

God bless and love you always, Patty! I too, as a fellow pro-life activist, know your pain and joy, your prayers and longings.