Friday, April 07, 2006

Chris told me that business at this abortion clinic is down. He said they have gone from about 25-30 abortions per week to about 15-20 per week. This information came from the clinic staff. This week has been very slow. Praise be to God. Yesterday I think the abortionist killed 2-3 babies, compared with the usual 5-6. Generally the mothers having abortions come just before 9 AM, and wear sweat pants. They look sad; often they are crying.

I approached a couple who were walking towards the clinic. She hurried inside before I could talk with her. I spoke to her companion, who is her brother. I asked him why he would bring his sister here where only harm can come to her and her baby. He said that she is an adult and old enough to make her own decision. He started walking away but I stepped in front of him. This is a no-no legally, and Stan will remind me of that. I could not let him go with such an uncaring remark about his own sibling. I asked him if he would protect his sister if her life was in danger. He knew where this was going and remained silent as I stood in front of him still blocking him from the parking lot. He was a huge guy, so he could have easily moved me aside and walked away, but he did not. I told him that his sister's physical, mental, and spiritual life is in danger, and his little nephew or niece will die. He is an accomplice. I showed him where he could take her for help from caring people. He took the information. I asked him to BE A LOVING BROTHER to her right now and get her out of there. I stepped aside, and he went in his car and sat.

Stan and I prayed in front of the abortion clinic door. Like Kathy, I prayed so that everyone inside could hear. Stan continued the prayers when I stopped to talk with the few people who came and went. I urged them to go elsewhere for health services so as not to support this abortion clinic. They were receptive. When we finished, Chris relieved us. I told him about the brother and sister. Half-way to my car, I saw the brother go in to the clinic. His sister could not have had the abortion yet because the "doctor" just pulled in. Chris talked with the brother. I told Stan that it is hard not knowing what will happen: Will he take her out of there, will she change her mind, or will she abort her baby? He looked at me with those intense blue eyes and said, "Leave it in God's hands."

I don't know which is more heart-breaking: The women who come alone, or the frightened teenage girls brought there by much older boyfriends, brothers, or fathers? Some girls come with their angry mother. Whatever the scenario, it is never happy, it is never good, and there is never a day that goes by at the clinic without tears on the sidewalk.

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