Monday, April 10, 2006

It is Holy Week. I went to Mass at St. Martha's this morning, and then headed to the abortion clinic. Stan was just pulling in a parking space in front of the condos when I got there. He came to my car to walk with me to the clinic. The cars started pulling in the abortion clinic lot as soon as we stood in front of the door. First came two women and a man. They were not interested in what we had to say. The man took my referral cards and threw them on the cement by the door. Most of the women and girls coming this morning were leaving with the white envelope which prepares them for an abortion. Most of them listened and took our information. If they choose abortion instead of life, we will know tomorrow.

Charles from the neighborhood came by to talk. He was in a good mood; he talked a little about his family. His sons went to St. Martin De Porres. He is retired from Ford. He chatted away as he waited for the bus. He always talks about some kind of problem with his legs. Connie waved to us from across the street near the Palace Party Store. She is in a good mood too. She does not need to use my cell phone today. That is a good sign!

Stan had to leave before the time we start our prayers, and Kathy did not come today. Chris was there and began showing his larger-than-life aborted baby pictures while talking to the women through the front windows and door of the clinic. I told him I will pray the usual prayers by myself today. He left me alone so that I could pray and continue to talk with the women and men coming and going from the clinic. Charles watched me pray and said a few good "AMENS" here and there. I was glad he contributed. Before I finished, he waved good bye and hopped on the bus.

Today was the first time I prayed alone, and I must say it is nicer to have others to pray with. It is difficult to concentrate on the prayers and at the same time on who is coming and going from the clinic. It is humbling to be without the support of others while praying out loud, and especially while kneeling on the sidewalk to say the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy.

Just as I was leaving I saw a girl coming towards the clinic. I remember her from last week. I know she had an abortion and is coming back for a check up. I stopped her and told her that I remember how sad she was while waiting for her abortion. She turned her eyes away from me, she is still very sad. I offered her post-abortive counseling information and she took it. She walked into the clinic, and I walked away to my car. Chris began talking through the door again. I heard him say, "you are a mother now, and even if you abort your baby you will still be a mother. Be a mother to a live baby, not a dead baby". I shuddered.

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